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Environmental Policy


The “GCP” is a Greek construction company, who aim to offer integrated construction services of high quality, which are characterised by reliability and professionalism.

The Management of “GCP”, is contacting business under the control of an environmental management system governed by ISO 14001:2015 standard. 


“GCP” is committed to protect the environment by: 

  1. Using the appropriate processes, practices and techniques to avoid, reduce or control the creation, emission or discharge of any type of pollutant or waste in order to reduce adverse environmental impacts.
  2. Setting and monitoring environmental objectives.
  3. Training all members of staff according the needs and responsibilities of the environmental management
  4. Committing to monitor and fulfil its compliance obligations.
  5. Continually improving the environmental management system in order to enhance environmental performance.


To meet environmental protection, “GCP” applies an environmental management system in conjunction with other management controls, described in the Environmental and Procedure Manuals. 

Responsibility for upholding this policy is a Company-wide commitment under the guidance and with the assistance of senior management who encourages personal commitment of all staff to address environmental protection procedures and work instructions as part of their skills & competencies. 

It is “GCP” policy to make sure that this environmental management system is constantly in place and that it preserves fully the ISO 14001:2015 standards by taking corrective measures and through an action list such as: training sessions, annual reviews, integration of ISO 14001:2015 to newly established departments and employees. 

“GCP” complies with all applicable legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to its activity, including all environmental regulations and seeks for continuous improvement of its management system. 

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