Global Construction Power



Strategic cooperation with G.R.E

The company continues its dynamic development and in the field of REAL ESTATE Development proceeds in strategic cooperation with the international REAL ESTATE consulting office of the company G.R.E based in Israel, for the development of real estate – hotels in both the Greek and European area. G.R.E. has chosen our company as a strategic partner for the implementation of its business plans for years. The participation of GC POWER will be multidimensional in the areas of the study and the design of the business project and finally its implementation with strict timetables and specifications.


Undertaking of a project for the complete reconstruction of a house in Agia Paraskevi (Studies – Design – Construction)


Undertaking of the construction of 8 apartments in the Historical Center of Athens. In this project our company implemented the entire design, studies as well as the issuance of the building permit.


Strategic cooperation with the international architectural design firm S.I.A.H. Architects based in Tel Aviv in projects concerning both Greece and the European area. The company S.I.A.H Architects with a large Portfolio of projects and international clients, chose our company to be a strategic partner in the construction of projects in Greece and the Balkans.