Take a detailed overview of each project workflow, from our first contact with the client to the delivery of the project!


Who will be my contact person during the construction?

It is our fixed policy that the Management Team of the company shall get to know and obtain personal contact with each one of our clients, on each and every project. The Management Team is personally involved in the process, participates in initial consultations, receives regular updates on the progress of works and remains at the disposal of the clients as well as of the technical staff who have been assigned with the supervision and the implement of the project. It is our personal commitment to be at your service every step of the way.

Do you provide liability insurance for the projects?

Yes, we carry general liability insurance, which includes coverage against all risk of technical works, contracting and against any damages.

How long does each project take to complete?

The timeline of each project depends on its nature and the specific requirements. In the initial assessment study, you will receive a rough estimate of the required completion time, while following the thorough on-site inspection and the initial agreement up on the terms of the project design, you will receive an accurate timeline, structural analysis report and a workflow diagram. During the construction phase, you will receive an update on each completed stage.

What is your field of expertise?

We have extensive experience in a range of technical and construction projects, however we specialize in tourist accommodation development projects, and the construction, reconstruction, renovation and repurposing of hotel units, business premises and residential properties.

How do you estimate the cost of each project?

Following a thorough analysis of every aspect

of the project and always in compliance with the applicable urban planning legislation and the completion of all relevant measurements, a detailed cost list is delivered to you, accompanied with a full description of the work to be performed and the materials to be used.

Do you have your own crew or subconstractors?

We have both. Our team of in-house experts, includes experienced certified engineers, designers, architects and construction surveyors, who ensure that the core aspects of each construction project we take on are handled to perfection. Additionally, we collaborate with expert subcontractors and crews covering a full range of specialties such as electrical, plumbing, automation, HVAC, roofing, drywall and other hard skills. We also employ independent environmentalists, landscaping specialists, inspectors, lawyers and accountants, property developers etc. to meet the high standards of even the most challenging projects. We are an efficient network of stress-tested experts who undergo regular rigorous background and midterm checks.

Who is responsible for obtaining the necessary permits?

Specialized executives of our company handle the procedure of having all the administrative acts issued by the competent authorities, further simplifying the process for you.

What kind of guarantees do you offer for the completion of the project?

A time-schedule and budget report is provided as a form of guarantee, which can be flexibly modified as per the customer’s requests, additions or any changes to the initial planning, which may occur. Upon completion and delivery of each project, a folder is delivered to the client, containing the manufacturer’s guarantees for the equipment/materials used, as well as a guarantee of good performance and operation, and a guarantee of construction quality.

What hidden costs can occur during the execution of a construction project?

There are no hidden costs. Our financial and accounting agreements are governed by complete transparency.

How can I join your supplier list?

Thank you for your interest in GCP. We encourage you to fill in the necessary fields in the application form. We will process your data and we will contact you.

How can I join your executive team?

Thank you for showing an interest in our company. GCP is a versatile network of specialties in the construction industry. The continuous development of our operations requires for fresh motivated additions to our manpower, covering for new areas of expertise. We encourage you fill in the required fields on the application form. We will process your data and we will contact you.

How can I join your labor and craftsmen team?

Thank you for showing an interest in our company. The GCP team constantly grows, drawing from the market experienced specialists and craftsmen with excellent know-how and dedication to their work. Please fill in the application form. We will process your data and we will contact you.

What geographical area does your construction company cover?

Our geographical boundaries are where our projects are located every time! Our focal service area remains at the center of Athens, however we have expanded with new residential and touristic projects all over Greece. Every new location we operate in, becomes a new base of further development for GCP. Feel free to inquire about your specific location, and we will assess the feasibility.

What makes GCP so different?

At GCP we listen to your needs. Every project is special to us and customized to your own measurements. We provide complete ‘turnkey’ services for a wide range of clients from Greece and abroad. We invest in modern living and tourism by leveraging the growth of construction activity in tourism for the benefit of your own investment potential, without overcharging and always with the final result and the complete satisfaction of our customers in mind. We are committed to quality, transparency, flexibility, safety and respect for the environment. We appreciate our staff, our partners and our clients that is why we build strong relationships that last through the years.

How long is an estimate valid?

In any type of construction work, GCP quotes the work to be delivered, allowing for a reasonable amount of time before the offer expires. This gives the client a chance to review and compare the pricing. However, quotes are only honored for a set amount of time. Our estimates are generally valid from 30 to 90 days, depending on the type of construction work, the market conditions and the terms discussed with the client. Once we sign the contract, the pricing is then fixed and agreed upon.

Do you offer financing tools?

No, construction financing does not fall upon GCP’s operations’ cycle. However, we welcome you to employ certified lenders, such as banks, and/or officially approved credit brokers, as stated on the official website of the Bank of Greece or the Central Bank of your country of origin. You may also apply for ESPA financing tools, depending on the use of the building and seek financial advice prior to any decision.

Can you deliver photorealistic designs?

GCP delivers upon request 3D and photorealistic landscape and interior architectural designs, including the details, the exact measurements, textures, lighting etc, allowing for a virtual exploration of the interior spaces and/or the surroundings, and a more vivid and easier-to-understand representation, side by side to the more complex architectural, structural, electrical and plumbing drawings.

How do you dispose of the construction by-products, the demolition scrap etc.?

GCP has developed an ISO-certified Environmental Management System (EMS). The continuous effectiveness & suitability of the EMS is achieved through compliance with the procedures and the monitoring of both its own activities and those of its suppliers and partners, not only regarding the disposal of waste, by-products and scrap, to licensed waste managers in accordance with current legislation, but also the use of appropriate procedures, practices and techniques to avoid, reduce or control the creation, emission or discharge of any type of pollutant.

Do you use eco-friendly materials?

Yes, we use modern, certified, safe, non-toxic, ecological materials from branded agents, such as paints, structural timber, biocompatible mortars, tints and silicones, approved coatings for thermal insulation and waterproofing, etc.

How do you handle unexpected financial expenses that may arise on a project? Up to what percentage of the final price should I expect?

GCP’s strict project management process makes sure that we handle successfully both time and cost overruns and stay within budget. The initial draft and the final estimate reports include risk analysis, contingency reserves and regular budget tracking and reviews, that together with our experience in the field bring in the best results and leave practically no room for unexpected surprises.

Why do the project pricings from three different offers I have obtained vary significantly?

GCP’s value-based, no-hidden fees policy ensures a safe all-inclusive cost estimate procedure for our clients. What you see in the draft report includes every aspect and detail of the project. We handle every project with transparency and we constantly explore the use of new enduring materials and money saving techniques without cutting down on quality.

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