The GCP team constantly grows, drawing from the market experienced executives with excellent know-how and dedication to their work. We are a multivalent network of specialists and experienced craftsmen, including engineers, architects, designers, security and automation technicians, with excellent technical and construction expertise, modern equipment and a common vision: to build not only buildings, but also trust in our relationships with the customer.

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  • We listen to your needs!

    Every project is unique to us. We respond to the requirements of each individual project we take on and we provide ideas and solutions exclusively for you.

  • We provide one-stop-shop ready-for-use services

    We cater to every step, from the initial assessment and the permit-granting to the construction and final shaping and decoration of the interior and the surrounding area. We deliver turnkey solutions!

  • We cater to a wide range of clientele

    From individual property owners, investors and real estate development specialists, to tourism investment companies and Golden Visa holders, personalizing our services to your needs.

  • We are committed to quality

    We create projects with a modern outlook and aesthetics. We apply techniques with excellent expertise and we provide innovative functional solutions that withstand and last.

  • We provide predetermined cost and schedule

    We guarantee completion in the agreed times, with a focus on excellent quality and know-how for any construction challenge met.

  • We are flexible

    We take in any additions and modifications you may request from us into the plans, even after the final design plan is signed, making the necessary corrections to the design and budget, with speed, flexibility and the best possible money-saving tactics.

  • We are by your side even after the delivery of the project

    We provide technical support after project delivery, which is a guarantee for the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.

  • We invest in tourism

    We specialize in the assessment, design, construction and reconstruction of investment projects for tourism. Our extrovert corporate strategy with foreign clients and tourism investors, combined with our massive experience in the field have made us a point of reference for the tourism construction industry.

  • We respect the environment

    We are committed to protecting the environment and we have developed an Environmental Management System in accordance with the guidelines of the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

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