GCP has recently developed an active engagement in the industries of tourism and modern living. We specialize in the construction and renovation of residences, business premises, hotel units, tourist accommodation and catering facilities, offering our services to private owners and investors from Greece and abroad.

We provide a full range of ready-for-use ‘turnkey’ services, including design, assessment, supervision, construction, interior decoration and the landscaping.

Furthermore, thanks to our strategic partnerships with leading companies in the fields of real estate development and facility management/technical maintenance, we ensure the competitive advantage of a one-stop-shop service to our clients.

At GCP we always prioritize quality, flexibility and professional consistency, delivering at the pre-agreed times and according to the necessary relevant technical standards.

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Assessment & Design

Assessment & Design

Construction & Renovation

Construction & Renovation

Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development


GCP’s creative team consists of associates who work with passion and commitment in the fields of structural and architectural design, interior decoration and landscaping.

We have an impressive grasp of aesthetics, technical knowledge of innovative applications and the ability to turn your every idea into results, adding value to your investment.

Types of Buildings:


With many years of experience in the construction industry and having developed a strong network of partnerships, we can guarantee that what we deliver will exceed your expectations.


The following steps are implemented for the construction of a property:

Our company’s technicians are by your side at all times, providing solutions on any simple or complex problem that may come up in your facilities.


The total or partial renovation of residential or business premises is a separate unit of our company and therefore we can address any relevant need, from plain corrective interventions in specific areas to complete remodeling.

New design, modern stress-tested materials and unique solutions for each case ensure the best result according to customer needs and the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

Our Renovation Projects include:


At GCP we work with large-scale Real Estate companies in Greece and abroad, so that we can cover every need our clients may express.

Based on our people’s experience and technical background, our company delivers projects of high quality and excellent aesthetics, always aiming to identify investment opportunities in the market and in real estate development.


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