GCP is a reliable, rapidly growing Greek construction company, with a dynamic presence in the construction and renovation of homes, business premises, hotel units, and catering facilities, for private owners and investors from Greece and abroad. What drives our creativity is the implementation of projects with high standards of quality, aesthetics, respect for the customer, and a sense of responsibility for the environment.


GCP was founded when the paths of three people with a diverse scope of experiences, knowledge, and skills crossed to embark on a common project. Coming from the construction and retail industry, all three were involved in the past in a series of demanding projects such as the development of bank networks, supermarket branches, hotel complexes, business premises and luxury residences, creating a well-rounded skill set to serve as a vision for a dynamic company that focuses on the construction sector and tourism-related investments.

Since its early days, GCP has managed to consolidate stable agreements with large companies and strategic investors from abroad, developing a triple-digit growth rate thanks to continuously increasing turnovers, strong liquidity thanks to the prudent management of its funds, zero debt and a steadily growing backlog of open projects.



Our evolution as the Greek company’s point of reference in the construction industry, creating projects that stand out for their high quality and top aesthetics, with little or no negative impact on the environment.


Offer a full range of end-to-end technical services with high standards and specifications, promote reliability, professionalism and stay people-focused.


We operate based on responsibility towards People, Society and the Environment. We develop our activity guided by a set of ethical and professional values.


Our set of values is self-evident and non-negotiable to us. They serve as our ethical compass in doing business and forming bonds of cooperation and trust with our customers.

Quality governs both our professional and at the same time human relationships we maintain with our partners and customers. We provide high-standard personalized services, through a distinct people-centered approach that defines us, offering a significant competitive advantage to our company.

We act with commitment, professional consistency and respect for the different needs of each client and each project. Our goal is to add value to your investment, regardless of its financial size. At a time when there are so many providers for the same product or service, we achieve optimal efficiency in each of our assigned projects, by following the productive model of flexible specialization.

Ethics, to us, is a key pillar in making business decisions both in the field as at a management level. We faithfully comply with the legal labor and environmental frameworks that govern our business activity, incorporating internal processes that enhance and ensure integrity, transparency and consistency in our every commitment to you.

We offer you fast growth opportunities, unbeatable market value and your peace of mind. Set up a consultation now!